Go Somewhere

Typically I wake up to Jack hollering “Mama.”  I drag myself out from under the covers and try to get presentable for the day.  Jack pretty much destroys the bathroom on a daily basis as I get ready to go to work.  He feels the need to empty every drawer in the bathroom as if he may find something new this time.  I finish that up and move on to coffee.  While the coffee is making, I play a little guitar as Jack runs around getting into anything he sees.  The guitar thing gets old for Jack pretty quick so we always end up rocking on the front porch listening to some tunes until Cindy’s folks get there to watch the little dude.  Tomorrow morning will be different for me.  I have my bike loaded down with only the things I have to have, ready to head out for a long weekend trip to the mountains with my brother and Big Al.  

I usually get a little uptight right before we leave for our little adventures because of all the unforeseen things that may or may not happen along the way.  The distance seems so far until you get going.  Like anything else in life the first mile is the hardest to get under your belt.  Once you get on down the road a piece you begin to settle in to the sound of the wind and the bumps in the road.  You realize everything will not only be okay but will be something worth living.  

The reason I tell you this is that I think we all need to get away with our guy friends (girl friends if you're of the female variety).  The fact of the matter is males and females are different.  Guys will act different when it is just other guys around.  I’m sure girls are the same.  You build tighter bonds with your friends when you go somewhere different for a few days.  There will be memories that you create that will last you forever.  Going away also makes you appreciate home and the people back there that miss you when you're gone.  So pick you something to do, get some people together and go be as ridiculous as you want to be.