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Somewhere on the Blueridge Parkway Summer 2014

Somewhere on the Blueridge Parkway Summer 2014

"Playing guitar really isn't a whole lot different than riding a motorcycle."

My garage on a hot Alabama day with Dylan playing in the background while working on a motorcycle - one of my favorite places to be.  There's no better feeling than a sweaty shirt and scrubbing off grease from the task accomplished at the end of the day.  Sunday afternoons riding motorbikes with friends down roads only locals use to get to town.  Getting together with my bandmates and working on a new tune that seems to be there but somehow needs our help to be brought into an audible existence.  That moment at the end of the night into the fourth set when my amp and guitar come alive and seem to play me. These are the moments in time that I try to collect. 


Playing guitar really isn't a whole lot different than riding a motorcycle. Riding a motorcycle isn't much different than working in that garage.  These things that we do are just a lifestyle.  We need to be free of marketing, politics, judgement from others, and ourselves. The aforementioned activities are an escape for a moment. These lifestyle choices, to an extent, determine how we dress, spend money, time, and the people we interact with.

The world is dying for something real.  We all need an escape from the constant demand for our attention.  We are bombarded with advertisements everywhere we turn.  This demand for our attention is very overwhelming.  It seems to suck the very life out of everything that I cherish, i.e. music, family, quality of life and goods.  We all have our escapes, yours may differ from mine but isn't it really the same?

 So here I am, a businessman preaching to you about "The Man."  I assure you I am anything but that.  I just want to create a community of people that are all on the same team.  I want you to walk into my store and not feel intimidated or out of place.  I want you to feel at home and a part.  I want to help you make music.